What a beautiful day

pastureIt’s a beautiful day today on the pasture. I woke up this morning, ate breakfast and went outside to feed the cattle and saw this today. Life is much better and more simple since we removed ourselves from the rat race of the big city. Well let see, what am I going to do today? Probably nothing what a wonderful life!

I do have to meet the gentlemen to day for a game of domino’s and checkers and the old country store. I wonder if Jethro will be playing today? He is my favorite partner and I love playing chest and checkers with him. I’m so thankful we moved here instead of the Dominican Republic for retirement. We could not be more happier than we are here.



Working off Holiday Weight

Betty and I were talking and we don’t like what we see when we stand on the bathroom scale. It seems out of thin air the extra weight just piled on without us noticing. We are getting to a point in our life where we really need to start keeping a very close eye on our health.

We were thinking a diet may be in our future plans, but it so hard to stop eating Betty’s biscuits and gravy. I’ve been eating whatever I wanted all my life and have never had to worry about putting on weight.

Maybe more exercise would be a better option for me, I did a little research today and came across a site call my body fat analyzer, it may be better for me to loose fat because I don’t need to loose anymore muscle. My skin is starting to sag too much and I need to keep all the muscle that I can.

Betty’s say that I look fine to her and she still looks good to me. I don’t know we probably just need to stop worrying about this and just find the most accurate scale that we could possible find, and stop thinking so much about it.




Another Day in Paradise

Another Day in Paradise…. it is cold, but I am very happy. I watched the Cleveland Cavilers and the Rockets play last night. It was amazing how Lebron James missed those 2 free throw at the end when the game could have been won. Those guys make all the big bucks but can not come threw in the clutch.

Old sissy the cow had her calf finally, after all the moaning and gowning she is resting nicely in the barn. This has been a harsh winter but all the livestock has seem to made it ok. I king of like writting on the internet… I will have to keep this page updated often.


My Country World and My thoughts….


Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog, I will be talking about all the interesting thing going on in my life and the latest news articles. One of the things that came to my mind this week is the Dez Bryant incident, reporters and the media accused him of having trouble with his girlfriend and having a fight but nothing has come of it. I think the Media should be required to have concrete evidence of something before they ever speak of it in the public.

This has been one of the worse winters regarding snow that I can remember. Schools and business has been shut down all over the country. Even places as far south as Louisiana has been receiving generous amounts of snow this winter. I tell you what, I bet with all this snow we having been having this winter it is probably gearing up to be one of the hottest summers on record!

Tyson Kidd and Cesaro has been doing really well in WWE tag team wresting. They have thrived when given a chance to show what they can do in competition. It will be interesting to see what will happen in the nest PPV between them and Wyatts.